Shoe shopping is always fun, but shoe shopping online can be even better. It is so convenient to be able to order all of the fun shoes that you want from the comfort of your very own home. It is also awesome to be able to get such great deals online that you often won't be able to find in stores. If you are currently shoe shopping in the middle of summer, it is important that you choose the right kind of shoes. There are certain shoes to wear in the summer time for different occasions, and this article will discuss 3 perfect types of shoes to purchase for these summer occasions. 

Jelly Sandals

Jelly sandals were all of the rage a few years ago, and they are definitely making a comeback. These sandals are so much fun and perfect for summer because they are comfortable, and perfect for the beach, the store, the park, and basically any casual indoor or outdoor event. Jelly sandals also come in variety of colors, so you can keep them more neutral by getting clear, white, black, or brown, or you can get fun colors like pink, purple, blue, or green. Many of the sandal colors also come in clear color varieties or solid color varieties, so your options are huge. 


Wedges are the perfect shoes for dressing up for summer. They are a lot more comfortable than regular heels, because their base offers a lot more support for your foot. They are also great for wearing with a dress, shorts, pants, or jeans, and can make any outfit look more classy. Not to mention that the variety of colors, patterns, and styles of wedges is so vast online that you can basically find a pair of wedges to match almost any outfit or look that you are going for. 

Tennis Shoes

Summer is a great time to sign up for races, triathlons, and otherwise just get into good shape. In order to complete most workouts, you are going to want to have a good pair of tennis shoes. You will want a pair that offers you a great deal of foot support, and also compliments that way that you move your foot when you are running, squatting, etc. Many online shoe stores likeMukluks Arches Shoe Store will allow you to fill out some kind of questionnaire that helps you to get a god idea of what type of shoe is best for you and your particular workouts.