Is crushed synthetic velvet easy to care for? This soft, sleek, shimmery material is a fashion fave that designers use to create tops, skirts, pants, dresses, and more. Whether you're in the market for a new addition to upgrade an old ensemble or you want to transform crushed velvet fabric into a delicate design, take a look at what you need to know about this textured material and its care.

What Is Velvet?

To care for this fabric correctly, you need to know what it is, how it's made, and how it stands up to wear or stains. Crushed velvet is a soft, fuzzy-like fabric that often has a subtle sheen. Unlike smooth metallic materials, crushed velvet is a textured option that has depth and strength. The first types of velvet were made from silk or cotton. 

Today's velvets also include synthetic (or manmade) fibers, such as polyester. According to the Textile Exchange, polyester was the most used fiber in 2020. The addition of this and other synthetic materials gives velvet durability and makes it a cost-effective choice.

What is Crushed Velvet?

Velvet is not all the same. There are a few different types of this fabric—including crushed, chiffon, ring, voided, Lyons, embossed, and hammered. Crushed velvet is a highly textured type that is made by twisting or pressing the wet fabric during the manufacturing process. The result is a crumpled texture that reflects the light and has a luxurious look.

How Should You Care for Crushed Synthetic Velvet?

Whether you spill a drink on your velvet shirt, drop dessert on your dress, or your new crushed creation has signs of wear-related dirt, you need to know how to clean this fabric correctly. Most synthetic fabrics can go into the washing machine. The only exceptions are when the manufacturer's instructions say otherwise or the rough washing cycle will damage the structure of a highly stylized piece. Some velvet garments may also have accents or adornments, such as buttons or crystals, that make it necessary to hand wash the item.

If the velvet has debris caked onto the top of the fabric, remove the mess gently with a soft cloth. You may also need to spot wash the velvet with water and a light detergent. Never rub or scrub stains. This can force the debris into the fabric or cause excess wear. Always follow the manufacturer's directions for machine washing. 

In general, wash velvet with like-colored items. Turn the garment inside out and choose a delicate cycle. Never wash velvet with towels or other fuzzy/furry pieces. Velvet may attract lint from these items. Immediately remove the velvet piece from the washer after the cycle ends. Hang or place the item on a flat surface to dry. 

For more information about crushed synthetic velvet, contact a local service.