If you are new to wearing glasses, you will learn quickly that when you lose or break them, you are heavily inconvenienced until you can get a replacement pair. Here are tips to care for your prescription glasses so they are always where you need them.

Use your case at night

Your prescription glasses likely came with a case, and getting into the habit of using your case at night to store your eye wear is a great way to keep them safe. Pets can knock your glasses to the floor, and kids can be tempted to run off with their new 'toy' if left on a windowsill. If using a glasses case is hard to remember, then try to store your glasses in your dresser or bedside drawer when not in use. This keeps them in a familiar place when you aren't wearing them and reduces the likelihood they will be accidentally broken.

Clean with the right cloth

You may be tempted to use your shirt or a paper towel to clean your spectacles, but a soft cloth designed for your glasses is best to keep them spot free. Fibers in paper towels can leave minute scratches on your glasses, which can wear down any protective anti-glare coating over time. Using your shirt can place strain on the bridge and earpieces of your prescription glasses, which can cause them to become loose when wearing them. You can find glasses cleaning kits in your local eye care section at your department store, or get the tools you need from your eye doctor.

Get them fitted professionally

You can tell if your glasses fit you correctly by doing a simple test: wearing your glasses, point your face to the floor. If your prescription glasses barely move or stay in place with your head down, they don't need adjusted. If they slip or fall off, you need to see your eye doctor to have them adjusted professionally. Your eye doctor uses special tools and heating elements to manipulate your ear pieces and bridge to fit your face. Well-fitting glasses mean you are less likely to have them fall off your face when running or bending over.

Getting used to prescription glasses takes a bit of time, and learning how to take care of them is an important part of the process. Always store your glasses in a case, clean them with the right tools, and get them adjusted or fitted professionally so you can enjoy your glasses longer.