Funny sayings on clothing are a great way to make friends and make everyone laugh. If you enjoy making people laugh with the things you wear, you might want to consider a funny shirt or funny hat collection all your own. As examples, check out some of the more popular sayings on these funny beer hats.

1. The Classic Beer Drinking Hat

Everyone needs a hat that has long crazy straws winding around it and connected to two beer can holders on either side of your head. Load two cans of ice cold beer into the holders on each side of this hat, insert the straws into the open cans and the straw end into your mouth. Drink at will. If you are the designated driver, the hat easily converts to the soda pop drinking hat.

2. Hat with Deer Antlers That Says, "Deer Camp and Beer; Need I Say More?"

Hunting deer and meeting up with fellow hunters at deer camp is a fall social activity. It involves little hunting and whole lot of cold beer. If this sounds like you, this antler/beer hat is perfect. Just do not wear it out into the woods during hunting season.

3. "I'm not as drunk you think as I am"

Variations on this phrase have been printed on shirts as well as hats. It pokes good fun at people who have had a little too much to drink but insist they are not drunk at all. If you and your friends have shared a good laugh over "drunk talk" at some point, you can all appreciate this hat.

4. "Beer Goggles Make Everyone Beautiful"

This is another funny hat that pokes fun at the fact that everyone suddenly looks more gorgeous, sounds more intelligent and is more desirable after a few drinks. If your "beer goggles" have caused you to do anything really off the wall with the opposite sex, you may want to add this hat to your collection. You can also gift it to a friend whose "beer goggles" got him or her into a sticky situation the morning after.

5. Irish Yoga (Drawing Shows Irish Beer Drinkers Face Down on the Floor, Falling off Stool)

Whether or not you are Irish, you can still poke good fun at how well the Irish hold their drink. This hat shows a cartoon of several Irishmen at a bar, each in an awkward position after a night of drinking and revelry. The caption below it simply states, "Irish Yoga."

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