If you haven't been to the gym for awhile, you may not be prepared with clothing that will keep you comfortable and that will not interfere with your workout. The best thing to do is to purchase workout clothes such as the NUX active womens clothing. But if you have some clothes that you think may be appropriate, there are some things you should keep in mind to avoid any workout mishaps.

Baggy Clothing

Do not wear clothing that is baggy or too tight. Clothing that is baggy can interfere with your ability to perform your workout and may also cause you to accidentally expose yourself. You may also want clothing that is more fitted in order to show off what you have been working so hard for. If you will be wearing a tank top, make sure to test it from a variety of angles to make sure that it will still keep you modest. Bend forward, bend to the side and do jumping jacks in front of the mirror. 

Do not wear baggy sweat pants. When using an exercise machine, they can easily get caught. Also, when performing exercises that require some grip, such as pole dancing lessons, the pants can cause you to slide right off the pole. 

Tight Clothing

Tight clothing can also restrict movement. Depending on how tight, you may even tear your clothing and experience embarrassment. This is especially important for yoga classes where you will have to put yourself in various positions. One solution is to workout in your own home with your new set of clothes in order to test them and make sure they will be comfortable. One of the worst workout options is denim. This is tight and uncomfortable when working out. The denim will stick to your body. In fact, there are even some gyms that have banned denim and mandate workout clothes specifically.

If your clothes are made with a small amount of spandex, this will provide the freedom of movement that will allow you to perform exercises effectively while also fitting comfortably around your body. 

A T-Shirt Around Your Waist

Wearing a cotton t-shirt is not recommended because it can cause you to become more sweaty. You may decide to take it off and wrap it around your waste, but this adds additional bulk and can become caught in machinery. Instead, it is better to leave the shirt in your locker.