Are you the son or daughter of an elderly mother who needs assistance in selecting which clothes she will wear? Of course, comfort is probably at the top of her list. However, you may have noticed that on the days when she looks extra nice, she also feels happier. From selecting clothes that are comfortable to choosing dress compression stockings, here are some ideas that might help you:

Adapt Your Mother's Favorite Clothing - Think of your mother's favorite articles of clothing, and make them easier for her to wear:

  • For example, if your mother has slacks that have a zipper, buttons and a hook-and-eye closure, have a seamstress replace that type of closing with adding an elastic waist.
  • If your mother has favorite blouses or dresses that have numerous buttons, think of keeping the buttons for the look she likes, but insert Velcro as the closure. By doing this, she can literally just adhere the two sides of fabric together without much of a problem.
  • When shopping for new clothes, consider buying Muu Muu dresses that she can slip over her head easily. The great part about that type of dress is that she can wear it at home and then, by adding a bit of jewelry, she can also wear it to places like stores, the movies and to go visiting with you.

Buy Accessories That Will Help Her - Again, comfort and a nice appearance can go hand in hand:

  • Does your mother have varicose veins or do her legs feel tired and heavy? If so, think about buying her dress compassion socks. They are very affordable, so you can get several pairs.
  • Think of getting compression stockings that will go with different outfits. For example, buy skin-colored compression stockings that will go well with her Muu Muu dresses. If she wants to appear slimmer, select slenderizing compression panty hose that will give her the appearance of having a flatter tummy.
  • Black knee-hi compression stockings are perfect to wear with slacks. Get them in different colors that will compliment her different slacks.

As you arrange your mother's wardrobe, think of placing things on a hanger that go together. For example, hang a Muu Muu with a festive design on a hanger and add a plastic baggie that will hold colorful jewelry that complements that dress. In addition, place her compression stockings and a good pair of shoes in a large baggie right on the same hanger. She won't even need very much assistance in dressing when you take the time to organize her clothes.