On the hunt for a new handbag? The best place to start is knowing what is on trend currently. This is going to help you seek out the right handbag. Here are the top five current summer trends:

  1. The Mini Bag: The mini bag is a great trend because you can carry the essentials in a lightweight bag. With nothing wearing you down, it's easier to travel in the summer heat. You just want to be sure that the mini bag you pick is one that is truly lightweight. Some can be weighed down by unnecessary zippers and pockets, as well as a heavy chain or strap. 
  2. The Accessorized: Another trend is a handbag that has small accessories clipped onto the handle. This can definitely help make your outfit appear a bit more flashy for summertime outings. These trends include the pompom accessory, hassle, or charm. Just be sure that it's one that comes with the handbag since these are more likely to match with the style of the handbag itself. 
  3. The Prints: Handbags with eccentric prints are definitely on trend, as well. This includes geometric prints, flower prints, and more. Just be sure to chose a print that can match with many of the different summer outfits you like to throw together. However, it doesn't have to match too much. Even offsetting the print of the handbag while wearing a different print can really make your look pop. 
  4. The Fringe: Another popular trend is having fringe added to the bottom of the handbag. This is great for a summer time look because of it's boho style. Plus, many of these bags come in neutral colors, which is great to pair with any kind of outfit. 
  5. The Drawstring: Finally, the drawstring handbag is also quite fashionable. These bags are really easy to open and close while still keeping your belongings safely stored inside. With no opening, your items aren't easily going to fall out and you can clutch the drawstring easily with your hand making it quite simple and carefree to carry around with you. This is especially great when traveling to theme parks or other crowded open spaces. 

When you know some of the top trends, you can have a better idea of what you are looking for. Plus, you can choose from the trend that is most suitable for you without having to compromise style for comfort since the trends come in quite a large range. You are sure to find the right one for you.