You can find military footwear at all kinds of military surplus shops or online stores. Even if you're not in the military, you may want to consider wearing this type of footwear. Here are the top reasons why.

1. Durability

Military footwear tends to consist of combat boots, and these boots are made to last. When the military buys something, it keeps sustainability in mind because it doesn't want to replace those items repeatedly. As a result, military footwear tends to stand the test of time.

2. Cost Effective

If you're the type of person who likes to make a purchase once and not worry about buying that same type of item again for a long time, the durability of military footwear is perfect for you. In particular, the durability makes this footwear extremely cost effective.

Even if the price tag is a bit more than you usually like to spend, this footwear goes with everything and lasts. Based on those traits, it's more cost effective than other types of footwear.

3. Stylish

Combat boots are almost always in style, and they lend a special touch to a range of outfits. You can go or a complete military surplus look with digital camo pants, jackets, and military boots, or you can go for a hard but sweet look by mixing combat boots with lacy skirts and tights. There's an endless number of ways to wear this footwear with everything from formal to casual wear.

Remember, you don't have to just buy contemporary combat boots either. In some cases, you can find footwear that's from the 70's or even before that. In most cases, this is stuff that hasn't been worn. Rather, these old items have been simply sitting in a warehouse for years.

4. Weather Resistant

Military footwear is designed to protect the feet of soldiers in all kinds of conditions. As a result, it tends to be waterproof and weather resistant. If you want your feet to stay dry while you're on long hikes or camping trips out in the wilderness, then this type of footwear is a definite option to consider.

5. Comfortable

Military footwear may not look comfortable at first glance, and it won't feel like soft tennis shoes. Again, however, this footwear is designed to support soldiers when they march for miles into battle. Once it's worn in, it can be pretty comfortable. To try on some footwear and see if it's right or you, find a store like Bargain Center that sells military footwear.