If you don't like to hear about all the wasted glasses frames that end up in landfills each year and that don't get recycled, make sure that you do your part to protect the planet by buying ecologically friendly frames for yourself. There are many different ecological options that you can look into to try for your glasses needs, both with optical lenses and for sunglasses. Here are some of the choices that you can look at the styles and frames to see if any of them are a fit for your style and face.

Wood Frame Glasses

Wood frame glasses are composed out of real wood, an organic material that won't harm the planet after the glasses are no longer usable or out of style. These are available in different sizes and different stains or types of wood, depending on the style that you want. This is also ideal for some people that are irritated by plastic directly on the face or skin.

Recycled Frame Options

There are brands of glasses that are composed out of recycled plastic. This means that the plastic used to compose the frames were once plastic used in other materials. Then, the plastic was recycled and colored, and the plastic is now serving another purpose on your face. These should be durable, comfortable, and an affordable option.

Glass Frames

It will be a costly option, but if you want glasses that are composed of glass, this is also a choice. The glass can be recycled after, and you may be able to find glasses that are made out of recycled glass. The glass will be heavier, and you will have to be careful to ensure that you don't drop the glasses and have the frames shatter. You may also want to get a glass blend for more durability.

If you are buying the glasses in-person talk with the manufacturer or the distributor about the materials that are used in the frames. If you are making the purchase online, take the time to research into the company to be sure that you are purchasing frames that really made of wood, recycled plastic, or any other economical material that the company is advertising. This is a great way to get the sunglasses or eyeglasses that you need for yourself, while still getting a product that is good for the planet and that won't end up in a landfill.