Recently being hired by a construction company may require the purchase of leather steel-toed boots. Work boots will provide you with traction while walking across uneven surfaces, and they will protect your feet from an injury if construction materials slip from your arms and fall onto your feet. Preserving the leather that your new boots are constructed from and storing the footwear will prevent damage.

Apply A Waterproofing Agent

Leather is a fabric that is known for its smooth, supple texture. Unfortunately, if leather gets wet and is not dried quickly, the shininess and rich color of the fabric may be compromised. Leather can crack, resulting in weakened fabric along the edges of each boot. Applying a waterproofing agent to each boot's exterior will drastically minimize the risk of damage associated with moisture.

Even if your boots were pretreated with a waterproofing agent, you will still need to periodically reapply the agent to ensure the boots remain waterproof. Set the boots on top of an old towel or piece of plastic sheeting. Spray the agent evenly across each boot's exterior. Wait for the leather to dry before wearing the boots. 

Remove Mud And Condition The Leather

Scuff marks and other staining may appear on the leather if you wear your boots on a routine basis and tend to complete job duties on construction sites that are muddy. At the end of each work shift, remove mud from each boot before heading into your home. A soft sponge or brush can be used to loosen mud from the leather. A leather cleaning agent should be applied to stained fabric.

A buffing wedge can be used to apply pressure to the fabric that has been treated with the cleaning agent. Move the wedge back and forth across the fabric to remove substances that have stained the leather. Use a clean wedge to apply a leather conditioner to the clean fabric.

Store On A Shoerack That Is Not Exposed To Moisture Or Sunlight

Purchase a small shoerack and place the rack inside of a closet. The rack will prevent you from losing one or both of your work boots and will ensure that the boots retain their shape. By being stored inside of a closet, the boots won't be exposed to moisture or sunlight as well. Reapply a waterproofing agent to the boots every few months to provide the fabric with continuous protection.