Second-hand clothing and thrift stores sell all manner of clothing, including boxers, underwear, bras, and panties. They also sell other intimate clothing items that have been close to another person's naked body. While this may make some people really uncomfortable at the thought, you should know that nothing these stores put out for sale is unwashed or dirty. Everything should be clean. If you want to get cheap underwear, swimwear, or intimate clothing, here is what to look for before you buy it, and what to do with it after you take it home.

Turn It Inside Out 

Regardless of the article of clothing, turn it inside out. Check for stains in good light. Also, take a purse-size black light to check for stains you may not see with the naked eye. An item can be washed prior to being donated, but people try these items on in second-hand thrift stores and may leave sweat and/or traces of body fluids behind. If you want to buy a specific item after you have turned it inside out and inspected it, then you know if there is anything or any area on the garment that needs special attention with stain removers.

Take It Home and Wash It Well

Despite the fact that these particular garments were washed when they were donated, you should still take them home and wash them again before you wear them. You would do the same if you bought underwear in bulk or several bras from an underwear or intimates store. The same holds true for any clothing that is sold anywhere and which might have been tried on close to the skin or sold and/or returned to the store when it did not quite fit someone else. Whether what you buy is clearly second-hand, or new in a package but sold in a second-hand store, you should always wash it thoroughly anyway.

Treating Any Small Stains You Find

If you happen to find some small stains on the garments that do not appear to be human (e.g., paint, nail polish, etc.), you can point it out to the store employees. They might give you a small discount on the garment. Then you can try to treat these stains at home with special stain removers made specifically for the stain you found. Then wash the garment(s) as usual before you wear it for the first time.

For more information, contact your local clothing retailer.