How you dress for a golf outing can have a significant impact on how much you enjoy yourself and how well you do. Making mistakes when outfitting yourself for a day of golfing can ruin the experience.

The following are six mistakes to avoid when you're dressing for a golf outing:

Being unaware of the forecast when you're planning your outfit

The weather is probably one of the most important considerations when you're planning your golfing outfit. In particular, you should be concerned about the temperature.

If you're going to be walking rather than using a golf cart, it's very likely that you'll work up a sweat. Therefore, you should wear lightweight and breathable clothing.

Wearing clothing that doesn't allow for free movement

One of the most important considerations with golf clothing is being able to move freely. You don't want your clothing to restrict your movement and create obstacles during your swing. Therefore, it's especially important to make sure that your clothing isn't too tight. 

Selecting shoes that don't have spikes

Spikes are very helpful in golfing because they help to stabilize your feet and legs while you're swinging. While soft spikes in golf shoes are acceptable at just about any course, it's important to realize that some courses may not allow golfers to wear hard cleats because they can damage the green. 

Having no hat on to shield you from the sun

Visibility is essential for good golfing. If you have the sun in your eyes, you're going to have trouble hitting the ball accurately. This means that having a hat on while you golf is always a good idea.

Even if it's supposed to be a cloudy day, you should probably still pack a hat just in case the clouds clear up and the sun starts to shine. 

Focusing too much on looks and not enough on comfort

Wearing clothing that looks good can help boost your confidence while you're golfing. However, the number one consideration has to be comfort. Make sure you try on your golf clothing beforehand to gauge how comfortable it is before you wear it out on the course. 

Not inquiring about your golf club's dress code

A lot of country clubs out there have dress codes that you'll want to adhere to. Conservative dress codes are more common at older and more traditional country clubs. You may be required to wear a collared shirt or other traditional men's golf clothing at some courses.