Finding the perfect thing to wear to holiday parties can feel a little bit daunting; especially when there are so many options online and in-store. If you want to go with something that's timeless and that never fails then consider getting a little black dress (LBD) to wear. Although little black dresses are simple, they don't have to be boring; especially because they come in a variety of different fabrics. 

Cashmere Little Black Dress

If you are looking for something that's really warm and elegant, then you may want to choose a black cashmere evening dress. Whether you choose a little black dress that's short or one that is mid-length, you are bound to be a stunner if it's cashmere. Plus, the great thing about having a cashmere dress is that you can add a sleeve to it and it will look more natural since the dress is already made of a warmer fabric. 

Satin Little Black Dress

One of the most popular trends right now is slip dresses. Slip dresses are the ultimate ode to the '90s and will make you look extremely fashionable at your holiday party this year. Whether you want a satin slip dress that has lace all over it or if you want it to be a little bit dressier, you are sure to feel as sexy as ever when you pair it with a pair of heels. Because these dresses just have spaghetti straps on them, make sure that you get either a faux fur coat or shawl to pair with it. 

Velvet Little Black Dress

Another type of fabric that's really popular right now is velvet. The fun thing about velvet is that it will add that little bit of holiday touch to your overall look. Another thing about velvet is that it's a fabric that can be quite forgiving on almost every body type as long as you get a dress in the right cut. Because velvet has a little bit of dimension to it, it can conceal some of the curves that you may not want to have accentuated. 

Showing up to a holiday party feeling sexy and confident is a must if you want to have the best time possible. Keep these types of little black dresses in mind this year when you are out shopping for the perfect thing to wear. And don't forget to get a sexy pair of high heels and a cover-up to pair with your new dress.