These days, there are so many different options for carrying your items. Yet, you still can't go wrong with a classic leather briefcase. It's a carrying case that you can bring along when you're wearing a suit and a tie but that still won't look out of place with jeans and a comfortable t-shirt. Since leather briefcases are so classic and versatile, though, there are hundreds to choose from. You can narrow down your options by paying close attention to the following features.

Metal Zippers

Leather is incredibly durable, so the first thing to break on a leather briefcase is usually the zipper. That being said, a plastic zipper is likely to fail long before a metal zipper. Examine each zipper on the briefcase, including the smaller interior ones, and make sure they are all made from thick, sturdy metal.

Lightly Dyed Leather

In most cases, you will want to stay away from briefcases made from heavily dyed, colorful leather. There are a few reasons for this. First, the darker, bolder dyes are more likely to bleed onto your papers if the briefcase happens to get wet. Also, as the leather ages and gets distressed, the creases will be more obvious on a deeper, darker color. Light brown briefcases that are either non-dyed or lightly dyed tend to be your best option. As it ages, it will continue to look attractive and natural.

An Adjustable Strap

Nothing is more frustrating than getting home with a gorgeous briefcase, only to find that it sits as an awkward spot as you carry it. An adjustable strap prevents this problem. One with a simple, sliding metal fastener is adequate. Look for a briefcase that also has a simple handle on the top so you can pick it up quickly and move it a short distance when needed.

Outside Pockets

In addition to the main compartments that close with the main zipper, you should look for a briefcase that has one or more outside pockets. Even if you do not typically keep anything in these pockets, it's handy to have them so you can quickly stuff something inside of them when you're in a hurry.

If you find a leather briefcase with the features and qualities above, then you've found a good one. As you start using the briefcase, you should find that it not only looks good but also suits your lifestyle quite well. If you're a man, look for a men's leather briefcase that fits the bill. If you're a woman, look for a woman's leather briefcase.