There are several different ways that you can demonstrate your patriotism, including with the clothing and accessories that you wear. While vibrant shirts and hats that depict the stars and stripes might be appropriate for gatherings such as Independence Day, you might favor a look that is a little more sedate during other occasions. If so, a good option is to wear an American flag lapel pin. This accessory not only works well on the lapel of a suit jacket, but can also be a good addition to a blouse, sweater, T-shirt, or even your hat. If you'll soon be attending one of the following events, plan to buy this patriotic pin to wear.

Citizenship Party

If you know someone who will soon be obtaining their American citizenship at a formal ceremony, it's common to have a party afterward to celebrate the occasion. These parties tend to have patriotic decorations — for example, there might be stars and stripes streamers and balloons hanging in the home, or perhaps even cupcakes that are decorated with the American flag for dessert. This is a perfect occasion to wear your new American flag lapel pin, regardless of what clothing you'll be wearing to the event.

National Team Sporting Event

For avid sports fans, it can be fun to attend various sporting events that feature the U.S. national team as a contender. Whether you're into soccer, volleyball, track, and field, or other sports, there are plenty of opportunities to see the national team competing against teams from other countries. Some of these events take place domestically, while others occur in other parts of the world — providing a chance to take a fun trip. Having an American flag lapel pin to wear to these events will help to make it clear which country you're cheering for whenever you meet other fans.

Veteran's Funeral

While the above two occasions are festive, there can be times that you'll want to wear your American flag lapel pin to solemn events. One such occasion is a veteran's funeral. These events are typically highly patriotic, given the sacrifices that veterans make for the country. In many cases, you'll see an American flag draped over the casket, and there will be lots of members of the armed forces in uniform. You can wear your lapel pin when you get dressed up for the funeral as a way to honor the sacrifice of the deceased.

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